My Mobility Hub is a travel planning platform which provides users with a single, easy to use location to search and book transport options for their journey based on real time data. It encourages people to make healthier and more sustainable travel choices where appropriate and seeks to make best use of the transport assets available to DLRCC staff.

My Mobility Hub offers private transport options such as cars and bikes, public transport options such as rail and bus but unlike other systems it also offers eCars, eBikes and BleeperBike options. It provides users with a platform to track their travel behaviours and records their sustainability score for future reference.

This first version of My Mobility Hub is being launched as a pilot by AECOM as part of an ongoing project to encourage sustainable travel with Smart Dublin, Dublin City Council, Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council and Enterprise Ireland.

Your participation is much appreciated and will go a long way to bringing efficiency into your workday, improving the environment and encouraging investment in sustainable travel modes.

Please contact admin@mymobilityhub.com with any issues or queries.